From November 20, 2009, YUMEIHO® became a trademark on the territory of the EU. Thus, the name "YUMEYHO®" can be used in the offering of services covered by points 41, 42 and 44 of the International Classification of Goods and Services, only by license holders

The right to license "YUMEIHO®" ("Yumeiho") in the Republic of Bulgaria belongs exclusively to Stefan Bozhilov - 6th degree YUMEIHO® therapist.

YUMEIHO® practitioners holding the 3rd, 4th and 5th degrees with a diploma from the International Institute of Preventive Medicine in Tokyo, as well as massage parlors, spa centers, etc., that use the name "YUMEIHO®" must meet the following conditions:

  • To pay a license fee – 75 euros per year;
  • To comply with national and international trademark legislation;
  • To comply with the decisions and rules of the YUMEIHO® Center in Tokyo (see also
  • To comply with the decisions and rules of the UMEYHO® Association Bulgaria

Holders of the 1st and 2nd degree are not entitled to receive a license. It follows that:

  • They have no right to use the name "YUMEYHO®" for commercial or advertising purposes, as well as to present it in mass media
  • They are not allowed to hold seminars, presentations and work independently (without working together with a doctor, rehabilitator or YUMEIHO® practitioner with the 3rd degree and higher)
  • They are not allowed to present themselves as YUMEIHO® practitioners or YUMEIHO® teachers.


The license refers to the use of the "YUMEYHO®" brand within the EU. The license holder is Mr. Maciej Dluski (7th degree YUMEYHO®). Anyone who holds the 3rd degree and higher and is a therapist and/or teacher of YUMEIHO® must pay their license of 75 euros per year. This also applies to the individuals and organizations that use the brand YUMEIHO®” (“Yumeiho”). The right to license "YUMEIHO®" ("Yumeiho") in the Republic of Bulgaria belongs exclusively to Stefan Bozhilov - 6th degree YUMEIHO®.

The issuance of a certificate for a YUMEIHO® practitioner and/or teacher is carried out only by persons authorized by the YUMEIHO® center in Tokyo (International Institute of Preventive Medicine in Tokyo). This certificate may also be issued by professional bodies, if any. Certificate holders must defend their degree through annual attestation. This attestation is carried out by Mr. Maciej Dluski (7th degree YUMEYHO®) or by the holder of the exclusive right on the license for the territory of the respective country. For Bulgaria, this is Mr. Stefan Bozhilov - 6th degree.


A standard YUMEIHO® session consists of 100 techniques described in the manual by Dr. Masayuki Sayoni. In Bulgarian, this manual has several editions - 1991 "Special Eastern Massage", 1995 "Iumeiho therapy", ed. "Heliopolis". There are also video tutorials by Dr. Masayuki Sayoni.

You can enroll in a course on the YUMEIHO® method with one of the certified teachers whose names are given in the Practitioners and Teachers section